What is J-Cred?

J-Cred with Your Trusted Background Screening Partner

J-Cred is a solution developed by KT Opportunities to help organisations make informed decisions driven by digital access to data and aiding in business risk management. The solution is a data aggregation platform that is applicable to multiple business units such as; procurement, HR, finance, forensic auditing, governance and compliance.

Why was J Cred built?

This is a solution built to be the answer to why we exist and how we offer a solution, in addition what makes J-Cred different from our competitors is that it adds value to organisations through its simplicity and cost effectiveness, allowing businesses to pay per click, meaning you pay only for what you use, no bound to contracts, immediate and accurate data provision. It easily integrates to multiple data owners, allowing for a centralised solution. Developed with the latest web technology, allowing you access from anywhere in the world, secured and seamlessly.

A QUICK LIST of searches you can perform:

  • Deed Office Searches
  • ID Verification
  • Citizen & Passport Verification
  • VISA Verification
  • Permanent Residence
  • Screen History
  • Marital Trace
  • Criminal Checks
  • Property Searches
  • Bulk Searching
  • Judgements
  • Company Searches
  • Death Certificates
  • Credit Checks
  • Employment History
  • Vehicle and Driver's Licences Report
  • Qualification Verifications
  • Contact & Residential Checks

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To address the why, a solution is required to centralise all segregated sources of information enabling the business to have every unit working in synergy. Workflows and processes are then able to be defined, creating opportunity for automation, ease of access and user friendliness.

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